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Thinking about International Women’s Day, and other events and discussions happening around the world, I wanted to talk about a local non-profit organization that fuckin rocks.  It’s Portland Women’s Crisis Line (PWCL).  I not only served on the board for two years, but have utilized their services when I was in the middle of an abusive relationship from which I escaped, partly because of the support and encouragement of the crisis line.  As much as I would love to end domestic violence altogether, PWCL plays a vital role in our community, providing emergency resources to women, children, and men that might not have the ability or support to leave an abusive situation.

PWCL is having their second annual event at the Exchange Ballroom called UNITE: A Night of Transformation.  Their events are always fun, and Vibrant Table will be serving their delicious food!

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I know what it feels like to struggle mentally and emotionally (not to mention financially) after leaving an abusive relationship.  Please remember that you are totally worthy of being loved and treated well.  I am always happy to lend an empathetic ear to someone who needs to talk, but please call their crisis line if you are ever scared of being harmed.  xo  503.235.5333

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