merrin & andy {the foundry wedding}

Some of the many reasons I love this couple…

1. They’re not only beautiful, but incredibly kind

2. They valued the photography part of their wedding, and scheduled plenty of time to explore the area

3. They readily agreed when I suggested shooting in front of a bathroom wall  🙂

the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_01P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_02P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_03P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_04P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_05P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_06P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_07P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_08P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_09P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_10P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_11P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_12P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_13P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_14P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_15P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_16P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_17P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_18P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_19P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_21P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_22P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_23P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_24P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_25P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_26P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_27P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_28P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_29P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_30P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_31P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_32P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_33P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_34P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_35P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_36P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_37P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_38P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_39P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_40P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_41P I N the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_42P I N

Behind the scenes of their super fun photobooth!

the_foundry_lake_oswego_wedding_43P I N

ceremony & reception venue: The Foundry in Lake Oswego

wedding planner: Bridal Bliss

florist: Zest Floral

caterer: Food In Bloom

hair & makeup: Powder Inc

videographer: Moving Pictures

cake & desserts: Food In Bloom, Ruby Jewel, and Mother Peach

officiant: Groom’s cousin


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