jwp quick tips – orange in a monkey’s mouth

Over the last 12 years of shooting weddings I’ve undoubtedly learned a lot about what to and not to do before, during, and even after the wedding day.  So every once in awhile I will post some quick tips from the looong list of ideas and advice I’ve jotted down over the years.  Some you might not have ever thought of, and some may seem totally obvious after you read about it, but sometimes the most obvious things are what not only are missed, but actually really stand out in your pics.

Just fyi, in order to not call out any one particular wedding, couple, or vendor, I will either create an image myself to display what I’m talking about (see below!), or post a photo showing what TO do instead of what not to do (or a photo where you can’t identify the who/what/where/when).

The first quick tip I have is super easy, but has caused me to delete many an otherwise great wedding photo.  This is what I like to call the “orange in a monkey’s mouth” look – where the bride and/or groom are either eating dinner during the toasts, or just ate, and feel like they have food in their teeth, so they are using their tongue to suck the food bits out while still trying to laugh and smile during the toasts.  To only embarrass myself instead of a client, here is my terribly awful recreation….

clean teeth BEFORE the toastsP I N


This is seriously not even an exaggerated example.  I could make a giant collage with the number of photos where the toaster looks like they’re making a funny or emotional statement, but the bride or groom is making this dreaded face, and NO one wants that face in their wedding gallery.  So, feel free to take a quick trip to the bathroom, and check those pearly whites before the photographer is all up in your shiz during the toasts! 😉

Stay tuned for more JWP’s Quick Tips!

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