(and the questions people don’t ask, but really should)

-do you shoot digital or film?
I am a hybrid digital and film photographer, but shoot mostly digital.  They each have wonderful strengths and some weaknesses, and I’m happy to be able to offer the best of both worlds.  I shoot film primarily in ideal lighting, and I have to have a second shooter with me to help. We can talk about what “ideal lighting” means if you’re interested in having some film shot at your wedding.

-what kind of equipment do you use?
High end Canon DSLRs (Canon Mark III’s), along with top of the line professional “L” and some non-L lenses.  Spencer sometimes also shoots with fun cheap lenses for a unique look.  My film camera is a Mamiya 645AFD.

-how long have you been shooting weddings?
Jessica started shooting weddings in 2004, and Spencer in 2007.

-how would you describe your shooting style?
I like to describe it as a little Style Me Pretty and a little Offbeat Bride and both candid and fine art.  I enjoy the organic, natural look of photojournalism, but also love to be able to craft intimate and beautiful art by occasionally guiding the subjects when appropriate.  If you want to have all the spontaneous moments of the wedding day captured, as well as romantic and creative portraits of the two of you, you’ve come to the right place!

do you shoot gay/lesbian weddings?
Yes!  I do not discriminate against any race, religion or sexual orientation.  If you love each other, and you love our images, I would love to be part of your celebration!

-we want you to shoot our wedding, how do we book you?
Ah, my favorite question!  A signed contract and 50% retainer are required to book your date.  As long as I think we’ll be a good fit, I book on a first come, first served basis.

-do you shoot destination weddings?
Yes I do, and I love them!  Other than travel expenses, there is no extra fee for destination weddings or portrait sessions, just airfare and hotel.

-how long after the wedding until we can see our pictures?
The images will be available in the online gallery about 3-4 weeks after the wedding.

-do you give out the high resolution images, and how many images will I get?
Yes, you will receive the edited high resolution files in color with a handful of B&W.  Most any photo lab (like mpix.com) can turn your color prints into B&W or sepia when you order online.  The number of images you receive depends on so many factors, but it’s usually around 100 per hour.

-do you keep the copyright to the images?
I reserve the right to use the images for my portfolio, advertisements, print & online submissions, etc.  But you may print the photos as many times as you’d like for your own personal use.

-so, that means I get to print pictures for myself anytime I want?
Yes, but I strongly encourage you to have them printed at a professional lab.  A great, affordable lab I recommend is www.mpix.com.  Any prints ordered through me will be fully retouched and checked for the best color balance, exposure, etc.

-do you have a studio?
Not anymore.  We just moved out to make way for some bigger and better things…more information will come out soon!

-do you have liability insurance?
Yes!  Liability and equipment for both on location and in the studio.

-why should we do the engagement session?
The session is a great time to get to know one another better, and for you to get comfortable with my shooting style before the wedding.  This is especially good for couples who are camera shy, because it’s sort of a warm up to being photographed on the day.  Plus, they’re just fun!

-what is a “newlywed” session?
Newlywed sessions (also called day after sessions) are my favorite because they give us a chance to get the creative, fine art bride and groom images the busy wedding day doesn’t always allow.  That way you can spend more time at the wedding with your guests, but still have the amazing, unique bride and groom shots as well.  They can take place a day, week or even a month or more after your wedding.

-what is an “unbridal” session?
Unbridal sessions are a modern-day version of a bridal session.  They’re fun, sassy, and definitely not your mother’s bridal portraits.


I’m sure there are a lot more questions you could think of to ask, so feel free to e-mail or call anytime to chat!

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