carlie & kyle {seattle engagement session}

I had a lot of fun with this sweet couple, finding random alleyways and parking lots to shoot in.  Can’t wait for the wedding later this summer! xo


Seattle_engagement_session_00P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_01P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_02P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_03P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_04P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_05P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_06P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_07P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_08P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_09P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_10P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_11P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_12P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_13P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_14P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_15P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_16P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_17P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_18P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_19P I N

Seattle_engagement_session_20P I N

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