Happy New Year!!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!  My oldest had to have surgery just before Christmas, but then we were able to enjoy the holiday and even play in some snow after shooting a wedding in Sunriver.  🙂

I mean, isn’t this the most handsome pup you ever did see?! taken on the fuji x100s

Jubei sunriver Dec 2014P I N

I usually only post wedding related shoots, but I also do a lot of newborn sessions.  They are definitely challenging, but I love getting my baby fix!  🙂  Here are some newborn sessions I haven’t blogged yet.  I’m working on setting up a separate newborn portfolio on the website.  If you’re interested in doing a newborn session, please email me.  I’m always adding new backdrops and props to my collection at the studio!

Calm Adelia May

Adelia_May_004P I N Adelia_May_012P I N Adelia_May_028P I N Adelia_May_036P I N Adelia_May_097P I N Untitled-1P I N


Ginger boy Adrian

Adrian_01P I N Adrian_02P I N Adrian_03P I N



Baby girl Bebe

Bebe_newborn_09P I N Bebe_newborn_24P I N Bebe_newborn_51P I N Bebe_newborn_53P I N


Twins!  Cole & Henry

a fav boysP I N C_H_newborn-1BW webP I N


Sweet baby Cooper

Cooper_newborn_01P I N Cooper_newborn_29P I N Cooper_newborn_31P I N Cooper_newborn_52P I N


Damian and his buddy at home

a fav family1P I N a fav1P I N a fav2P I N a fav3P I N a fav5P I N a fav6BWP I N a fav7P I N


Cutie Esther

a fav1P I N

Esther_newborn_40P I N

a fav2P I N Untitled-1P I N


Handsome Everett

0X0A2641P I N 0X0A2691P I N 0X0A2793P I N 0X0A2876P I N


Sleepy Fin

Finn_newborn_64P I N
Finn_newborn_87webP I N


Ida and her big sister

a fav1 webP I N Ida_newborn_005 webP I N Ida_newborn_063 webP I N Ida_newborn_094P I N


Wide awake Julian

Julian_newborn_005P I N Julian_newborn_016BWP I N Julian_newborn_030P I N Julian_newborn_039P I N Julian_newborn_070P I N Julian_newborn_092P I N


Sweet little Knox

Knox_newborn_10P I N Knox_newborn_26P I N Knox_newborn_28P I N Knox_newborn_42P I N Knox_newborn_52P I N Knox_newborn_54P I N Knox_newborn_58P I N Knox_newborn_63P I N


Smiley Stella

a fav smileP I N Stella_newborn_18P I N Stella_newborn_43 cropP I N Stella_newborn_56BWP I N Stella_newborn_71BWP I N Stella_newborn_83P I N


And, last but not least, Zadie with her big brother, Callum!

Cal_Zadie_1P I N Zadie basketP I N ZadieP I N Zadie_smileP I N

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Noelle & Kyle were such a laid back, fun couple, and I had a great time shooting their DIY wedding at the Oregon Garden in July!


Oregon_gardens_wedding_00P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_01P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_02P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_03P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_04P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_05P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_06P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_07P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_08P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_09P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_10P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_11P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_12P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_13P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_14P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_15P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_16P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_17P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_18P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_19P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_20P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_21P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_22P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_23P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_24P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_25P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_26P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_27P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_28P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_29P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_30P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_31P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_32P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_33P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_34P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_35P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_36P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_37P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_38P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_39P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_40P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_41P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_42P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_43P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_44P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_45P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_46P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_47P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_48P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_49P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_50P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_51P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_52P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_53P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_54P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_55P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_56P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_57P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_58P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_59P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_60P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_61P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_62P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_63P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_64P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_65P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_66P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_67P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_68P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_69P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_70P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_71P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_72P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_73P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_74P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_75P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_76P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_77P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_78P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_79P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_80P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_81P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_82P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_83P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_84P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_85P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_86P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_87P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_88P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_89P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_90P I N Oregon_gardens_wedding_91P I N

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