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My husband, Spencer, has been working really hard on this for a long time, so I’m very excited to finally get to blog about this!  Spencer’s wedding work has been mixed in with my portfolio for some time, but he has just launched his own portrait and band photography website, Æther Drinker Photography.  He’s always pushing me beyond my comfort zone to try new things, and I’m just super proud of him.  Now I feel like I need to update my own site!  So, definitely check out his new website, but BEWARE – some of the content is not safe for work (NSFW), and you need to be over 18 to view it.

P.S. When I asked Spencer if I could blog about his site, he told me I could, but to make sure I wrote that it’s a work in progress….so, there ya go!

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It’s not just with kids, I definitely like to make up my own words.  I’m not sure how or why they come to me, but when they do, they stick!  I remember, right before Calvin was born, Noah asking me what I was going to call him.  Since I was calling Noah “Buster Brownie,” he thought I could call Calvin “Mini Buster.”  But, somehow “Bug-a-boo” came about, and I’ve been calling Calvin that ever since.  Then, my “nephew”, Eli, was born, and he just looks like a “Buhbuhs” to me.  Well, Buhbuhs just turned ONE!  I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was there for his birth.  So, of course I had to snap a few of him at his birthday party.

My Buster Brownie…I can’t believe he’s TEN now!!

My Bug-a-boo.  I was testing the light before I brought Eli in, and he reluctantly modeled for me.

And, Buhbuhs!

And, here’s Doc.  I’m so not a pet photographer, but I figured I’d try and get a portrait of Lisa & Jason’s first baby. lol

And, here is Eli and his first cake!  He was a little weirded out by everyone standing around and singing to him.

  • Lisa - January 18, 2010 - 6:44 pm

    CUTE!! Buhbuh Eli is now Buhbuh Big Boy! :) I’m eternally grateful for you being at the party since I did not take one single photo. These will be his only first birthday party photos and they are great! Although, I kind of wish he didn’t do his happy-clappy as much now. ;) He blurs too many pics!

  • diane - January 21, 2010 - 12:16 pm

    Bugaboo definitely looks like he begrudgingly modeled. LOL So many cute children, though Buster is now of the age where handsome is more appropriate. :)