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I am REALLY loving newborn photography lately.  It’s definitely something I’m working on expanding.  I’ve been hunting in vintage shops, or really any store I go to, for new props.  I always tell my boys, “Look for something I can put a baby in.” Ok, I actually us the word “shove,” but I would never do something that would put a baby in danger.  Whenever a baby is in or on something (like a sling or stool) at least one parent is just inches away in case they start wiggling.  So, meet Ashton’s sister, Marli!  She is such a sweetie!

At first, she kept sticking her leg out, but once she settled in, she was so peaceful I didn’t want to take her out!

Arghhh…the newborn pirate eye.

Brother and sister!  This pretty much sums up Ashton. :)

Marli & Ashton’s mom went to high school with me, and she is still friends with my friend, Laura.  So I had Laura come to see Marli, but also to get a few of her 6mo son, James!  He is the sweetest, most happy chubby baby I’ve ever seen!  I’m a proud auntie. :)

This is a pose I probably wouldn’t normally do, but since she had one like this of her first born, and since she is my BFF, I did it.  I just love his eyes and mouth in this one.

  • Lisa - August 30, 2010 - 4:18 pm

    These are very cute! What is that little egg shaped thing Marli is in? It makes for very cute, egg-shaped/uterus-inspired shots! Love that! James is so cute too! You can hardly even notice his scar in the first one. :)

Where have I been, you ask??  Well, I’ve been SHOOTING for one!  But, I was in Sunriver this week, and had such a great time relaxing and riding bikes with my boys.  Tomorrow (Fri) is my bday…eek!  I have a wedding Sat., but will return the regular scheduled programming on Mon. :)  Here’s on of Calvin when he learned how to ride his bike.  He is such a proud big boy!

  • Lisa - August 25, 2010 - 5:48 pm

    Cute pic of “Cawa” on his bike, but I have to make my mommy safety statement- tighten those straps on his helmet! It’s not going to do any good protecting his head like that if he falls. I’m sure you know this already, but I couldn’t not say it. LOL!