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A common question I get from prospective clients is, “what is an art image?” An art image is any image I’ve taken beyond just the basic editing.  This could include skin retouching, toning and/or adding a texture.  Here are three examples to give you a better idea of what this means.  After seeing this, you will probably notice that many of the images in my portfolio are art images.  I do this to a select few from the wedding day, mostly shots of the bride and groom, but occasionally others as well.  The number of art images differs between each wedding, but it’s usually around 7-10 images.

Here is an image from Tara & Kyle’s wedding in July straight out of camera (SOOC), with no editing whatsoever…this, btw, is why I’ve always said that taking the picture is only half the image!  It’s the editing that really makes it stand out.

Here is the regular edited version.  This is the “proof” or the “basic editing” which all of your wedding images you get on disc will receive.

And, here is the “art image” version.  As you can see, not only did I color correct, bump the exposure and contrast, etc., but I also did some special toning and retouching in Photoshop.

Here’s another example from their wedding. SOOC…

Basic editing…

And, the art image

And, here’s an image from Amy & Mark’s wedding using a texture instead of toning.  SOOC…

And, the art image using a texture.

Tara & Kyle were married in July, and we shot their newlywed/day after session a couple weeks ago (wedding post to come!).  These are definitely my favorite sessions to shoot because I get to take pictures of people in love, but without the time limits of the wedding day, and in super cool locations.  I mean, graffiti AND tall grass in the same location…that’s my shooting heaven.  Plus, they are such an amazingly gorgeous and sweet couple, I could shoot them over and over again and never get tired!  Here’s a few of my faves, but beware, if you are offended by offensive graffiti, don’t scroll too far down.  😉  Tara & Kyle, thank you for being such wonderful models, and Spencer for being my portable light stand!