Whenever I can make a groom (or someone who doesn’t like to be photographed) feel comfortable in front of my camera, and even have fun while doing it, I know I’ve done a great job.  Alicia, thank you for putting so much thought and effort into your session, and, Garet, thank you for being open to having fun with us!

I think everyone should have one fun outfit for their session.  You can purchase her amazing maxi dress at Lulu’s.

sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_00P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_01P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_02P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_03P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_04P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_05P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_06P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_07P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_08P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_09P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_10P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_11P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_12P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_13P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_14P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_15P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_16P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_17P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_18P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_19P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_20P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_21P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_22P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_23P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_24P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_25P I N sauvie_island_engagement_session_portland_photographer_26P I N

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  • Theresa Hendrix - The pictures are beautiful. They capture Alicia & Garet’s happiness so well.

So, before the craziness of the wedding season.  Before I was in a bad car accident and broke my foot, we shot a beautiful destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico with the amazingly sweet couple, Jeanne and Marcus.  We had so much fun with them and their friends and family the whole week we were there, and to start, here are some from their sunset newlywed/day after session.  As you’ll soon see, all their wedding photos were taken on the beach, so I wanted to give them variety with some greenery and flowers.  I promise to post all the summer and fall weddings soon!


Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_00P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_01P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_02P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_03P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_04P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_05P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_06P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_07P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_08P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_09P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_10P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_11P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_12P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_13P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_14P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_15P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_16P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_17P I N Cancun_Mexico_destination_wedding_OMNI_Resort_18P I N


Jeanne & Marcus, thank you SO much for allowing us to join you in Mexico and share in your amazing wedding week!

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