Growing up I was sooo not the pretty/popular/cool girl in school.  I was the quiet, seemingly “good girl” that often got passed over or made fun of for my red hair.  I even had a boyfriend breakup with me in jr high because he was embarrassed to be seen with me.  Sometimes the popular girls would be friends with me outside of school, when it was just us, but once we were in school they would pretend they didn’t know who I was.  (hopefully I’m not the only one and some of you can relate in some way!)  You’re probably wondering what in the bleep does this have to do with Steph & Cory’s awesome wedding at Castaway?!  Well, it wasn’t really until I started shooting weddings that I realized the pretty/popular/cool girl in school wasn’t always stuck up and mean, but could also be a super sweet fun person, too.  I’ve learned not to judge people for better or for worse for how they look, or to feel like I’m less valuable because I’m not as pretty, thin or fashionable as someone else.  I’ve been honored to work with some beautiful couples, inside and out, and Steph & Cory were definitely one of them.  It was so much fun shooting their wedding!  I love the combination of urban and natural that Castaway provides.  It allows for a mix of creative and beautiful photos – just my style!  I’m posting just a few images, but you can check out a lot more here.

Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_002P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_010P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_016P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_021P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_025P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_027P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_029P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_031P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_032P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_038P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_040P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_043P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_050P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_060P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_069P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_073P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_075P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_083P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_105P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_109P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_129P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_132P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_138P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_144P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_147P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_152P I N Portland_wedding_photographer_castaway_156P I N



venue: Castaway

coordinator: Bridal Bliss

catering: Food in Bloom

florist: Zest Floral

videographer: Hybrid Moon

cake/dessert: Le Cookie Monkey

dj: Chad Dowling Production

rentals: Something Borrowed

hair & makeup: Portland Hair & Makeup

transportation: Pacific Cascade Towncar

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Happy New Year!!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!  My oldest had to have surgery just before Christmas, but then we were able to enjoy the holiday and even play in some snow after shooting a wedding in Sunriver.  :)

I mean, isn’t this the most handsome pup you ever did see?! taken on the fuji x100s

Jubei sunriver Dec 2014P I N

I usually only post wedding related shoots, but I also do a lot of newborn sessions.  They are definitely challenging, but I love getting my baby fix!  :) Here are some newborn sessions I haven’t blogged yet.  I’m working on setting up a separate newborn portfolio on the website.  If you’re interested in doing a newborn session, please email me.  I’m always adding new backdrops and props to my collection at the studio!

Calm Adelia May

Adelia_May_004P I N Adelia_May_012P I N Adelia_May_028P I N Adelia_May_036P I N Adelia_May_097P I N Untitled-1P I N


Ginger boy Adrian

Adrian_01P I N Adrian_02P I N Adrian_03P I N



Baby girl Bebe

Bebe_newborn_09P I N Bebe_newborn_24P I N Bebe_newborn_51P I N Bebe_newborn_53P I N


Twins!  Cole & Henry

a fav boysP I N C_H_newborn-1BW webP I N


Sweet baby Cooper

Cooper_newborn_01P I N Cooper_newborn_29P I N Cooper_newborn_31P I N Cooper_newborn_52P I N


Damian and his buddy at home

a fav family1P I N a fav1P I N a fav2P I N a fav3P I N a fav5P I N a fav6BWP I N a fav7P I N


Cutie Esther

a fav1P I N

Esther_newborn_40P I N

a fav2P I N Untitled-1P I N


Handsome Everett

0X0A2641P I N 0X0A2691P I N 0X0A2793P I N 0X0A2876P I N


Sleepy Fin

Finn_newborn_64P I N
Finn_newborn_87webP I N


Ida and her big sister

a fav1 webP I N Ida_newborn_005 webP I N Ida_newborn_063 webP I N Ida_newborn_094P I N


Wide awake Julian

Julian_newborn_005P I N Julian_newborn_016BWP I N Julian_newborn_030P I N Julian_newborn_039P I N Julian_newborn_070P I N Julian_newborn_092P I N


Sweet little Knox

Knox_newborn_10P I N Knox_newborn_26P I N Knox_newborn_28P I N Knox_newborn_42P I N Knox_newborn_52P I N Knox_newborn_54P I N Knox_newborn_58P I N Knox_newborn_63P I N


Smiley Stella

a fav smileP I N Stella_newborn_18P I N Stella_newborn_43 cropP I N Stella_newborn_56BWP I N Stella_newborn_71BWP I N Stella_newborn_83P I N


And, last but not least, Zadie with her big brother, Callum!

Cal_Zadie_1P I N Zadie basketP I N ZadieP I N Zadie_smileP I N

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