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Hey Jessica,The pictures look amazing, thank you so much!! Everybody that has seen the blog site has said you were one of the best photographers they have ever seen!! I’ll let you know as soon as we decide what prints we want, thank you so much again!~ Ali & Jordan SmithJessica, I can’t imagine any better way to enjoy the memories of this day than through your pictures – they are magical and we couldn’t be happier. I will be your new best advertiser. Thank you so very much.


~Caroline Bryan (Ali’s Mom)

Jessica and Spencer, Wow!! The pictures are truly amazing!! The whole day with you was so comfortable and fun. You really cared about “my day”. When I saw the pictures I knew it was more than my dream come true. You captured so many moments I would have never known otherwise. Your attention to detail and “eye” for pictures that really come alive is a true blessing. As I went through the, over 600 pictures, I saw my storybook fairy tale come alive and come true. Your pictures are so thought out and every one tells a story. I could go on forever and never be able to thank you enough. Tyler and I will have these memories for the rest of our lives, till death do us part; thank you so much for making our dream last forever. We really look forward to working with you again, babies, birthday, or just fun pics. Thanks again for everything, there are truly are no words great enough to say how we feel.Love, The Hordichok’s
Hi Jessica,
Thank you so much for the photos and gallery notification. They are wonderful – we couldn’t be more happy with them! And thank you again for all your help the day-of. Thought I would forward you Mark’s response when I sent him the gallery notification – it’s pretty cute.
Thanks, JeanneI’m speechless.These pictures are so good, I can’t really be sure if they’re from the wedding or our dreams of how the wedding would be… Just amazing.~Mark
“The pictures are amazing, Jessica. Thank you so much!!! Looking through them was like being at the wedding all over again – I cried! I can’t wait to get them into an album…I’m so impressed with the story your pictures tell, and just thrilled at how clear the memories of our special day will stay through your work. A cousin of mine was just engaged and one of my best friends is about to be…I will definitely pass your name along. THANK YOU!!!”~Mariah & Greg Brink
Hi Jessica,
This is Brad (of Brad and Cassie’s magical Cannon Beach wedding). I just wanted to give you a big “THANK YOU” for being at our wedding and taking wonderful photographs. Cassie and I have browsed our photo gallery multiple times now and your talent is really just amazing. You were able to capture the feeling and the look of our wedding so well and with such artistic expression; it really feels like an honor to be a part of. Also it was a lot of fun getting to know you and just hanging out. If you ever feel like winning another international award, feel free to give us a call.Thank you! Brad Kerr, male model
Hi Jessica!
We just got back last night! I looked at all the pics on the website and they turned out beautiful! You captured everything perfectly! We are still deciding which ones we want to order but I will hopefully get to it tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again for everything! You were such a pleasure to work with and I will definitely be recommending you to every one I know!~Shanlyn & Jason Lucibello
“I’ve only seen maybe a 3rd of the photos, but what I’ve seen are fantastic, Jessica! At the risk of sounding redundant, you truly captured people naturally, in such a natural setting. Christine and I definitely made the best choice, I’m so glad we found you!”~Chris & Christine Stebbins
Hi Jessica!
We received the envelope of pictures yesterday and the ones that we saw were AMAZING! I got goosebumps from looking at them:)Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures.Second e-mail: Thank you so much, Jessica! Our families were so excited to see the pics and they all thought you were so talented… we already knew that:)My mom said she laughed and cried the whole time she was looking at them.Thanks so much!!~Amy & Erik Ten Broeck
Oh yes, we love love love them!! You are so amazing….I can’t believe we look like that! We picked our favorites, so now we are just trying to decide how many we want to buy.Thank you so much, you made us feel wonderful.~Angela DeHaven & Diane Beamguard
(engagement session)
Jessica was the most amazing photographer ever!! Her images are high quality, and we had so much fun having her be a part of our event. She feels like part of our family now. We love her work, and will definitely recommend her to all and use her again in the future.~Angela DeHaven
I have just finished looking at the 300 some odd photos that you took at my daughter Priya’s wedding. They are excellent! I love your sense of composition, selective focus and use of negative space. Even when your subjects are aware that they are being photographed, they appear at ease. The credit goes to you….BTW, Priya may have told you that I am a photographer as well; I used to sell my “art” photos at Art Fairs.Thanks,
Arvind Thakkar
Jessica made our wedding! She really listened to what we wanted and made it happen. Everyone commented on how beautiful the photos were. She truly is amazing!~Lauren & Jesse Reed
We decided to get married at quite short notice, a simple ceremony at the courthouse – we were attracted to the very natural feel of Jessica’s photographs on her website, rather than being very formal and very staged and when talking to her, she was brilliant at putting together a package that really worked for our simple wedding ceremony. Jessica was invaluable for Penelope and I before and after the ceremony, taking charge at certain times to get particular photographs, but also had a very unassuming presence so it never felt like she was ‘in the way’ of our wedding day. Jessica was very flexible and creative with the different environments we had – the courthouse, the park opposite and finally at the Portland Chinese Gardens, working with the different light and weather conditions to create very memorable photographs of the day.With love, Jon
The photos are awesome, you even managed to catch us NOT looking goofy for once! 😉 I really like the b/w ones too. It’s great to have some beautifully-done photos of us together, and I’m so pleased you’re going to be taking the wedding photos too.~Randi Lou & Travis
(engagement session)
Jessica was great! Not only was she nearly invisible during the ceremony, but the pictures were phenomenal!~Jana & Jonathon Nims
Thank you SO much. We so loved our time with you. You were so generous with your time, and creative and flexible with the situations and the environment. It definitely made me relax and just trust that we would have a few good pictures to share with friends and family and remember the day. And we have a TON of great, natural, and beautiful pictures. I can’t thank you enough. If you ever need a reference – I would love to recommend you!~Penelope & Jon Willis
Everyone LOVES the photos. They turned out really wonderful. Ben and I feel so lucky to have found you as our photographer! We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you so much!~Jenny & Ben Rudolph
WOW!Thank you so much for the amazing photos! We love them, our family loves them, it’s such a great feeling to look back and remember everything (it went by so quick!). And to see what we didn’t get to see. People remarked on how stealthy you were, you got some great shots of people who don’t normally like to be photographed too! I can’t thank you enough, I’m sooo glad we hired you!!!!Thanks again,
D n D
~Delia & Darren Craig
I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for those pictures. I have to admit is is one of the first pictures I’ve had in years that made me feel just beautiful, in my “every day hair down wearing jeans” kind of way. Most of the pictures Doug and I take involve me in adventure clothes, no make-up, and some sort of hat (stocking, rain hat, sun or otherwise).Thank you for the boost of confidence, especially right before the wedding. Also thank you for showing me the blog today, WOW! those are amazing. I’m glad I asked you to wait as I would have been totally distracted by those. And yes, your husband was a trooper to join you at that hour, I know Doug and I enjoyed watching how well you worked together, fluid and complimentary. It was a pleasure to have you both around. We received a larger digital picture frame for a gift, we can’t wait to have the wedding pictures rotating through. Hope you have a great evening.Again thank you for such a wonderful experience.
~Carlene Faessler & Doug Ingerly

Hi Jessica,
I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome job you did on our wedding pictures. Over the years we will look back at them often and feel like we’re in the moment all over again. You captured the special moments of that day. Even my co-workers have become teary when looking at them and comment on how happy everyone looks!:)   The parent albums were awesome too, they all loved them!
We’ll be asking you to capture many more family moments when that time comes. 😉
Take care!
Thank you again… Ok…so I’ve spent nearly my entire work day looking at the pictures…even though I promised Jason I would wait until we got home to look at them together…I just couldn’t wait. You are beyond amazing. You captured moments I didn’t get to see, it’s almost as if I am reliving that day from a whole new prospective…the little things I didn’t get to see…the odd facial expressions that I make…no wonder Jason is always laughing at me!!! Thank you for showing our day in ways that I would have never seen. You even made that horrible cake look good (as good as it could look anyway)…thank you. I promise to never use another photographer, you are our one and only…that is if you will have us again. I know we are nearing the end of our wedding adventure however I hope we can stay in touch…even just a friendly hello every then. Please tell Spencer, Calvin and my second love Noah hello for me.Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing.
Tiffany & Jason Williams
Hello Jessica, The pictures turned out amazing and I don’t even know where to begin. Long and I are so grateful we found you as our photographer, we couldn’t have imagined anyone else to better capture our wedding day! You and Spencer were awesome to work with, and everyone in our wedding party had a great time working with you guys. Thank you so much for everything!Talk to you soon, Theresa
~Long & Theresa Nguyen
We have both been meaning to e-mail you…our photos are so beautiful, thank you for taking such amazing pictures at our wedding. The first night we looked through them I was crying the whole time because they captured the day perfectly.Thank you so much!!


Hi Jessica,

Thank you so much for these photos.  They are amazing, truly. We literally could not find one we would not be proud to print out and hang on our wall (actually there might be one or two of me with      crazy eyes but those are hilarious as well).  Finding a photographer was one of the wedding tasks that we took the most time debating over- it was really important to us to find the “right person” so we met with four photographers prior to meeting you.  That may not seem like a lot in some realms, but to us it certainly was.  However, your photos affected us very deeply and even though we still debated for a few days in hindsight we both knew immediately that we wanted you to be there on our wedding day.  In the pictures you showed us at our first meeting, we both felt like we knew the people in your photos, even though they were strangers.  We could really see the happiness and the love in their faces.  Those pictures looked the way we wanted our day to feel. There is so much elegance and creativity in your photos, but it is an easy elegance, not forced or staged.

And, now that is exactly how these photos are, they bring me immediately back to the joy, beauty and humor of the day.  It was truly a pleasure working with you and Spencer- your calming natures helped to squelch the nervousness that is inherent in the hours prior to your wedding ceremony.  Choosing you as our wedding photographer was undoubtedly the best decision we made about the day (besides deciding to get married that is).
Thank you so much.  These photos have exceeded are highest expectations.

Stephanie and Tyler